You're Guilty, Admit It!

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Psalm 51:1-19

When Nurse Yang was asked to lead in a prayer of confession during morning worship in the dental clinic she replied, “Oh, I couldn’t do that. I have so many sins I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Not a bad attitude to have, actually.

Admitting our sin-our failure to live up to God’s rules for living-is the first step to finding peace and wholeness. Psalm 51 is King David’s prayer of confession and restoration. He was guilty of adultery and murder, acts that are very hard for us to forgive or forget. Yet God in his gracious manner forgave David and restored him.

God loves us and wants to forgive us. What a shame if we are tormented by guilt and yet for some reason won’t accept God’s forgiveness. God doesn’t take sin lightly and we shouldn’t either. The whole reason why Jesus came into the world was to take care of the sin problem once and for all by dying on the cross. That’s why God can be so loving and forgiving.

Here’s the good news from 1 John 1:9, from

The Message:

“If we admit our sins-make a clean breast of them-[God] won’t let us down. . . . He’ll forgive our sins and purge us of all wrongdoing.”


Thank you, Lord, for your love in sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. In his name, Amen.