Better Than Pretense

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Romans 10:8-13

Our hospital required all staff to be baptized Christians, which sometimes caused problems. It turned out that some doctors even purchased baptismal certificates in order to be chosen as interns. But fortunately through daily chapel, Bible study and working with Christian staff many of them were drawn to a genuine faith in Christ.

Dr. Yang was one of these. He and his wife began to attend church and study the Bible. They got to know some real Christians. They have since grown to be strong leaders in their church. Dr. Yang, now an elder, directs and generously supports the Korea Dental Mission for Christ. The Yangs are an excellent example of the changes that come from a genuine experience with Jesus Christ.

How many people in our churches are faking it, simply pretending to be Christians? You can fool other people but God sees the heart. Jesus didn’t care at all for hypocrites. Now is a good time to come clean. Confess your sins. Ask Jesus into your heart and begin a wonderful life enriched by God’s blessings and the privilege of service.


Lord, speak to our hearts today. Take away all that is false, and make us genuine in word and deed. Amen.