Miracles Still Happen!

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : John 14:8-14

Our team had been extracting aching teeth in a country church. Late in the afternoon a farmer came in with his jaw locked shut from an infected wisdom tooth. He needed to go to the hospital and receive antibiotics. But he felt that there was no way he could afford the time or the money. As I injected the local anesthetic I could hardly see what I was doing. The sun was setting and our only flashlight batteries had gone dead!

After saying a prayer I looked up and saw a sunbeam shining in through a chink in the church wall. We moved his chair so that the sunbeam shone into his mouth. We kept moving his chair, following the sunbeam across the room, until at last I was able to extract the tooth.

We were so excited and happy that the Lord had provided us with a miracle just when we needed it. It proved to us that miracles still happen.

Do you need a miracle in your life? Are friends or family members caught in addictions, disappointing behavior or unbelief? It takes a miracle of God to change people’s lives. And he is still in the business of demonstrating his remarkable power in our lives.


Lord, help me to expect a miracle from you today. We all need them! Amen.