Forgive Our Enemies! – Are You Kidding?

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Matthew 6:9-15

Jenny was one of thousands of Cambodians who were persecuted by the Khmer Rouge Communists in the 1970s. They killed her father and sister. Her mother led the rest of the family as they escaped through forests and mountains to a refugee camp in Thailand. There they attended church for the first time and they all became Christians.

Jenny had harbored a relentless fear and unending hatred against those who killed her father and sister. But Jesus took all that away and gave her instead a heart of love and forgiveness. With it he gave her a desire to share that love with those who had persecuted her family. She is now serving her people in Cambodia with her American dentist husband, a former student of mine.

Many people carry bitterness, hatred and fear and are unwilling to let Jesus lift these heavy emotional burdens. But he is eager to carry them for us. What peace and joy awaits us if we will forgive all who have wronged us.


Lord, I’m tired of struggling with a lifetime of grudges, hatred and unforgiveness. I really want to be free. Take my burdens away today, I pray. Amen.