Tearing Down Walls That Divide

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Ephesians 2:14-22

During the Korean war many families became separated. As people fled south, not all of their family members were able to join them. Dr. Kang, my first dental resident, fled with his mother and sister. For 50 years he had not received a single letter or phone call from his father, brother or elder sister. Then last year a friend in Canada sent news that Dr. Kang’s sister in North Korea was well. How excited he was, and how anxious to meet her!

Through all these years Christians in every worship service in South Korea have prayed for the re-uniting of their divided country. Finally during the last two years they have begun to see progress toward that end.

Sin separates people from God and from each other. Many people go through life without ever experiencing reconciliation with one another or with God. But God in his love has made all the necessary arrangements for his human family to be re-united. Every time a lost sheep returns to his fold, it is a joyous day in heaven as well as on earth.


Lord, please help the two Koreas to get together soon. Take away all the things that separate us from you and from each other, and make us one in Jesus. Amen.