Hide or Tell?

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Psalm 139:7-18

When our son Paul was little, he gave our babysitters fits with all his shenanigans. One night as we were leaving him with a sitter we told him, “Now Paul, we may be gone, but God can see everything you do.” His response? “Yeah, but he won’t tell you!”

Several old hymns speak about this same subject, which is one side of the message of Psalm 139. One hymn warns, “You cannot hide from God, His eye is fixed on you; whatever you say, whatever you do, you cannot hide from God.” Very true and very sobering when we think we can get away with wrongdoing.

But knowing that we can’t flee from God’s presence is also good news. A popular hymn in Korean churches says, “I must tell Jesus all of my troubles . . . [and] Jesus will help me, Jesus alone.”

This hymn captures the other side of Psalm 139: God wants to hear from us and relate to us, no matter whether we are misbehaving or in trouble, whatever is happening in our lives. Let’s remember that he is always near. When we share our troubles with Jesus, he does indeed hear and help us.


Thank you, Lord, for loving us and for inviting us to come to you freely with all our concerns. Amen.