God Makes It Grow

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Matthew 13:3-9
1 Corinthians 3:5-9

After 19 years in Korea I felt my work was done. It was time to turn over the work to the Korean dentists I had trained. But I had overlooked one thing: I had not challenged or trained them to be missionaries. So we returned for another four-year term and helped to organize the Korea Dental Mission for Christ. We started a small mission clinic in Seoul where we held seminars and prayer meetings. We invited foreign students to teach us about their cultures and the need for missionaries in their countries.

After my wife and I left Korea things really started moving. A new clinic, “Love Dental Clinic,” now trains prospective dental missionaries. A publications office coordinates prayer meetings, seminars and mission trips. Fifty or more dental personnel go on short-term mission trips to Southeast Asian countries each year. Twenty full-time career dental missionaries are now serving in six countries. God has powerfully blessed these efforts. The small seeds we sowed have grown into a very fruitful ministry.

Are you involved in planting seeds or watering some good Christian work? God will make it grow!


Thank you, Lord, for willing servants who plant, water and harvest to bring in your Kingdom. Amen.