A Healing Word, a Tender Embrace

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

During a visit to Seoul we stayed for several days with Dr. Yoon and his wife Dukshin. One afternoon Dukshin shared a wrenching story that had divided her family and hurt them enormously.

Dukshin’s oldest sister, who had been very depressed, committed suicide, leaving her husband and a teen-aged daughter. Their minister stated the Korean church’s view in stern words: suicide sends a person straight to hell. Therefore, this woman could not be given a funeral or Christian burial. While all the other family members cried and embraced each other, the dead woman’s teen-aged daughter stood by herself grieving with no one to comfort her.

We shed bitter tears with her. We discussed the attitude that Christians should have toward suicide. We talked about the comfort God wanted to give her.

We have received comfort in times of trial because we are sure of Christ’s mercy. Therefore we should be eager to share that comfort with others who are grieving so that they too may experience his love and grace.


Forgive us, Lord, for often being judgmental and insensitive to the deep needs of fellow believers who are suffering. Help us to love them as Christ does. Amen.