Hands Tell The Story

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : John 20:24-28

Koyama, a Japanese missionary, was on his way to Europe. While visiting a Buddhist temple on a stop-over in Bangkok he noticed webbing between the fingers of a large statue of Buddha. He asked a monk what that meant. The monk replied that all who come to Buddha are welcome; none slip through his fingers.

Later, at Lenin’s tomb in Moscow he was impressed by Lenin’s closed fist pressed against his chest. Koyama realized that Communists accept only those who agree with them. They destroy all others.

In Europe’s cathedrals he saw crucifixes with Jesus’ hands nailed to the cross. He realized that because of the nails Jesus could not (like Buddha) open his hands to all who come, neither could he (like Lenin) make a fist to keep people away. No, anyone who wants to come to Jesus must reckon with those nails and acknowledge that our sins nailed him to the cross.

Some say that many roads lead to God. But think of those nail-scarred hands. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross proves the truth of his claim: “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me.”


Thank you, Jesus, for loving us so much that you were willing to be nailed to the cross for us. Forgive us for sometimes taking that sacrifice so lightly. Amen.