Joy in the Presence of Love

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Psalm 16:5-11

I love to watch people in airports, eager faces waiting outside the gate for loved ones to appear. Then they are spotted! Smiling eyes meet and friends are smothered in a long embrace. Just being reunited brings sheer delight, the joy of love!

Jesus longs for us to experience the joy that comes from an authentic love relationship with him. That is what prayer does. Prayer captures a moment of reunited love. We must slow down the pace of our lives in order to experience the stillness of his presence. We must eliminate some of the chatter to listen for his quiet voice. We must embrace the simplicity of silence in a cluttered, noisy world.

Distractions will always deter us. But as we discipline ourselves to wait for God, he is eagerly waiting to reveal himself to us. Will you walk past him in the rush of a crowd, or will you stop to recognize his presence of love? Will you ignore his gentle whispers to draw near, or will you come closer to listen? When can you carve out some extra time today just to “be” with him, resting in the joy of his firm embrace?


O God, forgive me for allowing busyness to keep me away from you. I long to draw near to you today.