The Storms of Winter

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Job 1:13-22

Authenticity demands honesty with ourselves, with God, and with others. But honesty doesn’t come easy when the subtle pressure to be “happy” closes in on us. Where do we go when we just don’t feel like smiling?

In the winters of life, questions beg for answers, prayers beg for words, and inner conflicts beg for peace. Fruit cannot be harvested in summer until we let our roots rest and linger in the rich soil of God during the barren winter months. It is during these empty periods of waiting and longing that God tests our faith.

Job knew this barrenness well. He lost everything. God stripped him of his most prized possessions, his family, even his health. He questioned “why?” He grieved in the company of impatient friends. But ultimately, Job refused to turn his back on God. Though tempted to blame, he worshiped God instead. Yes, he worshiped!

In the end, God gave Job more than what he had at first. In addition, he learned humility. He came to a completely new understanding of himself in relation to God. And his heart welled up with gratitude. How can you worship God in the midst of your pain?


God, may your name be honored! Help me find your purpose in the losses I have experienced.