Melodies in the Morning

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Psalm 90:14-17

For some night owls, morning comes as a rude awakening, a miserable disruption to sweet slumber. But for the Psalmist, morning was another opportunity to rejoice in the gift of life. He compares morning to fresh grass that sprouts after rain, flourishing with newness and vigor. He numbered his days, not taking any one of them for granted.

Whether we are early-risers or late-nighters, how can we invite God to satisfy us in the morning with His loving-kindness? The Psalmist suggests a song of joy. When we look to God to enliven us with hope and purpose at the start of the day, a natural response is heart-felt praise. Whether it be an old familiar tune or a new melody, use the gift of song to express your gratitude to God today.

This day comes only once in a lifetime. It is a fresh slate, a new beginning. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. But today-today is all yours to live fully in the love of God. What melody expresses your joy in God today?


Author of life, write on our hearts a new song of joy to celebrate the beginning of this new day. Amen.