The Open Hand of God

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Psalm 104:27-30

An open hand represents an open heart. A clenched fist, in contrast, reflects a spirit of resistance, anger or fear. In this Psalm David boldly affirms that the generous hand of God satisfies us completely.

Springs flow in the valleys. Grass grows in the fields. The sun and moon rise and fall. Animals frolic on both land and sea. All around us nature models a posture of quiet trust. Every living thing waits for the open hand of God to show his generosity.

But, we can only receive from God when we extend an open hand. If we hold back in resistance, turning away from God because of past disappointments, a guilty conscience, or a spirit of proud self-reliance, we miss out on the blessings he desires to place in our hands.

Our personal image of God makes a huge difference in our ability to trust him. Can you picture God’s outstretched hand, ready to satisfy you today with good? Or do you see only a fist of resistance and disapproval in the heavens?


My God, help me to wait upon you in silent trust with palms open, ready to receive from your open hand of blessing.