Divine Interruptions

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Luke 5:4-10

Simon Peter was a skilled fisherman. He knew all the tricks of the trade. His persistence kept him up all night, working with all his might to catch fish. But he caught nothing. He was exhausted and discouraged.

Suddenly Jesus interrupted him after addressing the multitudes, commanding him to go back in the deep water one last time for a catch. He could have responded in a variety of ways. He could have refused Jesus arrogantly. After all, Jesus wasn’t a fisherman. Or he could have ignored him by going home to bed. After working all night, he certainly needed his sleep. Instead, he obeyed.

Jesus has a way of interrupting us too. There are times when he asks us to do what we may think is impossible. Often, when we are at our weakest from expending all our human strength, God surprises us with his supernatural power. He is testing us to see if we will “Just do it!” This was the case with Simon Peter. His response is pure amazement at Jesus. Soon after, he left everything to follow. How is Jesus asking you to follow him in simple obedience?


Lord Jesus, help me to recognize your divine interruptions today. I too want to be amazed by your power in my weakness.