The Promise of New Life

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Luke 17:11-19

Midwestern winters feel awfully long and dark. The sky hangs heavy like a thick, grey blanket. Snow falls endlessly. Then in early spring forsythia shrubs burst into bloom. What a welcome contrast! Winter’s barrenness makes spring more brilliant. This stark contrast in nature can also be seen in the life of one man.

Jesus tells a story of ten leprous men who asked him to have mercy on them. They longed for his healing touch. But when Jesus cleansed them, only one returned to give thanks.

The leper who expressed gratitude to Jesus was a Samaritan. He was ostracized not only for his debilitating disease but also because of his ethnicity. He felt the depths of his unworthiness, the stigma of being different, the barrenness of winter in body and soul. But Jesus looked beyond all that to the heart. Christ’s loving touch set him free. He turned back, and glorifying God with a loud voice he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet and gave thanks. What a picture!

When was the last time your gratitude over the goodness of God made you turn back and express outrageous praise?


God, make me aware of the brilliance of your grace in my life.