Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Luke 10:17-20

Spring break is a window of opportunity for students to travel on missions trips all over the world. One Hope College sophomore returned from her missions experience in Mexico full to the brim. She said, “No matter how hard I try to put into words what God did in my heart over this trip, I’m still absolutely speechless. And I’m an English major!”

This same exuberance was evident in the seventy-two disciples after they were sent out by Jesus. He commissioned them to take peace, truth and healing to the world. They returned with joy, amazed that even demons obeyed them in Jesus’ name. They were tempted to revel in their authority over evil spirits on earth instead of rejoicing in the place of honor God had given them in heaven, tempted to worship the gift of human power instead of the Almighty Giver.

But Jesus challenged them to find their joy not in their power to heal but in God’s choice to save, not in their works but in God’s grace, not in their answers to prayer but in the God to whom they prayed.

Do you look to your own achievements for a sense of worth, or are you gazing into the face of the God whose love will never fail?


Jesus, be my vision today.