When the Honeymoon is Over

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Psalm 51:1-12

I love to be around new Christians. Their exuberance is contagious! Just like newlyweds, they glow with the awe of discovering shared interests, the freshness of pure acceptance, and the intimacy of committed oneness. All they want to do is be together, and when apart think and talk about each other.

But what happens when the honeymoon is over? David’s behavior was staggering. He had violated his relationship with a trusted soldier by stealing his wife, then having him killed. Even worse, David had violated his relationship with his Lord. His grief made him cry out to God, “Bring me back to my first love!”

When we sin, Satan whispers in our ears, “Now that you’ve blown it, just keep on sinning.” But David models for us a refusal to succumb to Satan’s lies. He turns back toward God and his passion for God is reignited.

Scripture continually calls us to remember. What was it like when you first felt the love of God? When did you last devour the Bible and long for moments of intimacy with God in prayer? Do you recall a time when your contagious joy in God impacted others? This intimacy can be yours again today if you only ask.


Lord, bring me back to you as my first love once again.