The Birthing Process

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Philippians 2:6-13

The three-hour wait seemed endless. Standing in line, my friends and I were anxious to experience the world-famous art in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. But once we caught a glimpse of the paintings inside, their beauty made time stand still. One portrait etched an indelible imprint in my mind. It was of Mary, the mother of Christ, standing face-to-face with Elizabeth. Pregnant bellies met and arms clasped in a joyful embrace. Their facial expressions glowed brilliantly with the mutual expectation of God’s divine and mysterious plan coming to fruition.

In a spiritual sense, God is always wanting to birth a new work in our lives. But the “morning sickness” of life’s transitions can easily steal our holy anticipation of blessing. Past “miscarriages” make it painful to trust. Mood swings can leave us weighed down with a spirit of depression and hopelessness. In times like these, all we can do is lift up our eyes to heaven and rest in knowing God will not give up on us until his work in us is brought to birth. How is God birthing a new work in your life?


God, help me to trust your sovereign power to weave my life circumstances for good each day.