Cry Out With the Stones

Dolores Nasrallah

READ : Luke 19:32-40

I recently officiated at the wedding of a dear friend. As I watched her walk down the aisle, my eyes glanced at the groom’s face. He was so full of emotion that tears streamed down his face. This is not entirely uncommon, except when the tears persist throughout the remainder of the ceremony! The groom could barely utter the vows he had written. When deep emotions well up in intensity, tears often pour forth uncontrollably.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, crowds of followers shouted praises with the same depth of intensity. Love for Jesus was expressed freely. The miracles he performed, the wisdom he imparted, and the compassion he demonstrated had transformed so many lives.

Jesus was at the pinnacle of his popularity. Even though the Pharisees became angry and tried to silence the crowds, nothing could stop the worship. God’s glory cannot be suppressed. It wells up within us and around us in nature with unspeakable joy. Even plain old dirty, lifeless rocks shout gratitude for his goodness. Who is trying to silence your adoration of Christ? How can you express your love for Jesus more freely?


O God, let your praises pour forth like an endless river.