Colors of Remembrance

Natalie Hendrickson

READ : Isaiah 44:21-28

I felt like I had stepped into an oil painting. The Vermont hillsides were ablaze with vibrant autumnal hues. It was as if God had hand-colored every tree leaf with shades of chartreuse, crimson, russet, pumpkin, and ocher. Fall breezes swept aging leaves to the ground. The changing landscape reminded me of the changing seasons in my own life.

I recalled my wayward teen years when God gently guided me through dark times of anger and despair. I had told God, “Step aside! I’m taking control of my life now.” What a mistake! But the Lord redeemed my fumbling attempts to find happiness by giving me a life far better than I ever imagined possible!

The nation of Israel had seasons of wandering away from God. They wound up exiled captives. Through Isaiah God urged them to remember that he would never forget them. The Lord “swept away [their] offenses like a cloud” and invited them to return to him (v. 22a). Israel was redeemed! A new season had begun! Now they could sing for joy! As you look at the ever changing colors of fall, what seasons in your own life come to mind? How has God redeemed those years for you?


Dear Lord, help me to remember all the times you have brought me through seasons of pain to seasons of joy.