The Overflow Effect

Natalie Hendrickson

READ : 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

“She’s seventeen years old and needs a place to live. Will you pray about taking her in?” As the church elders requested, Howard and Glee prayed for guidance. Their small house was already overflowing with their three teenagers, Shelly, Rod, and Connie. Plus Shelly’s friend Terri had recently moved in. In the end the Lord asked Howard and Glee to make room for one more. They gladly did!

The Christians in Corinth expressed their love for God in a similar way. They too helped others in their time of need. The Apostle Paul praised the Corinthians because their generosity touched hurting people and ultimately led to an overflow of thanksgiving to God.

That’s what happens when our love for God spills over into all of our relationships. As we reach out to others, they in turn are able to reach out to God. Our expressions of thankfulness lead to more of the same!

It’s certainly been true for that seventeen-year-old girl who needed a family. How do I know? Because I’m that girl! And I still thank God today. Will you allow God to use you to touch the lives of those around you?


Lord, may my love for you cause me to generously help other people in a way that leads them right to you.