How Much is Enough?

Natalie Hendrickson

READ : Philippians 4:12-13
1 Timothy 6:6-10

Millionaire John D. Rockefeller was reportedly asked, “How much is enough?” He candidly replied, “Just a little bit more.” This provocative answer cuts to the heart of the human condition. No matter how little or how much we have, contentment, and ultimately true joy, often elude us. Our hearts ache for an indefinable something that always seems to be missing in our lives.

At times I’m surprised by my own longing. Just last week I went to a sale at my favorite English pine store. Even though I have a house full of furniture, I wanted everything in sight! It’s not that I lack something. At times I don’t fully appreciate what I have. When I cease to focus on Christ I cut myself off from the very one who satisfies my deepest longings. Then I begin to feel a restless discontentment to have more, do more, be more!

Paul overcame this common struggle by staying in constant touch with Jesus Christ. Through Christ he was able to fully enjoy what he had at the moment and to freely accept whatever came his way. We can too! What does your heart ache for? Have contentment and joy eluded you? Is God inviting you to make a change?


Lord, free me from the “just a little bit more” trap. Teach me to enjoy what you’ve already given me!