Look Up!

Natalie Hendrickson

READ : Genesis 1:31
Genesis 2:1

A few summers ago my husband and I were hiking with his father on the northern shore of Lake Crescent in Washington’s Olympic National Park. The area is lush and beautiful. Yet I spent much of the hike looking down, carefully scanning the forest floor. Soon my father-in-law urged, “Why don’t you look up? You’re missing the best views of the lake through the trees.”

I impatiently answered, “If look up too much, I’ll miss finding the best pine cones and weathered leaves for my collection. See, they look like intricate lace!” It was only later that I realized how narrow my focus had become. I wanted to celebrate creation by elevating cones and leaves to the level of a majestic landscape! Somewhere along the way I unintentionally turned a celebration into a task. Searching and gathering drew my gaze downward. Ultimately I missed out on the joy of celebrating the soaring grandeur of God.

Life is like that. Unless we intentionally “look up,” little tasks, like little pine cones, can limit our focus. What do you see? Are the details of daily life fixing your gaze downward? Is it time for you to look up?


Loving God, all that you created is very good! Help me daily to see the wonders all around me.