Enjoy the Ride!

Natalie Hendrickson

READ : Proverbs 15:30

“Are we having fun yet?” I was puzzled by Sam’s question. I thought, this is a church leadership meeting. What does fun have to do with church business? For that matter, what does fun have to do with the Christian life in general? God used Sam’s lighthearted, yet earnest question to get me back on track.

I was reminded of an afternoon years ago when I was a youth pastor. As I drove through town on pastoral visitations, I poured my heart out to God about the pressures of juggling seminary, ministry, and family life. I sensed God say, “Let go, and enjoy the ride!”

I was still learning how to do just that. In my zeal to serve God I had become very serious, so serious that I jettisoned what I saw as excess baggage in my spiritual life. I often thought of fun, laughter, celebration and the like as non-essentials. I wanted to save my energy for what I considered more important eternal matters.

Proverbs 15:30 embodies a simple reality: our countenance counts! Children smile about 45 times an hour. My friend Sam sure smiled a lot. I asked God to help me smile more


Lord, help me to serve you with my whole heart and to energetically enjoy every facet of my life in the process!