Holiness, the Key to Supreme Goodness

Paul Hostetter

READ : Psalm 27:7-14

Yesterday I had lunch with my football player grandson Josh. Although he is just a college freshman, he has already discovered that God’s straight, holy way is best for him. Between mouthfuls of Indian rice and curried chicken he talked exuberantly about his personal faith and his vision for living God’s way.Holy God, help me face the rigor of holiness.

Eugene Peterson wrote: “The easiest thing in the world is to be a Christian. What is hard is to be a sinner. Being a Christian is what we were created for” (

A Long Obedience

, p. 116).We make no mistake when we obey God since God is not prone to error. His way is straight and plain. It is the best and the easiest way. Why not walk in it?

Josh at 19 has discovered life’s supreme secret. He has learned that following Jesus on his straight road does not eliminate the opportunity to experience human happiness. Spiritually Josh is already in grad school. He understands that God designed us for beauty and joy, not misery and failure. He has tested the Lord and found that he keeps his word. How about you? Have you turned into the right road? I hope so.


Lord, pull me back when inferior desires and my stubborn determination tempt me to step aside from the perfect plan you have for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.