Holiness and Character

Paul Hostetter

READ : Psalm 89:19-38

Is religion just a private matter? Doesn’t it have any public consequences? Have you ever dealt with a person who frequently lied to you about substantive issues? Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be if we could always trust each other?

We respect good character and want to see it in others. We strive to maintain our own integrity. Yet we may compromise more often than we are willing to admit. Why? Because we are not fully convinced that purity is essential. We demand pure water. Is holiness in life less important than uncontaminated water?

God does not lie. His standard for character protects his people from chaos. Holy is his name. The God of the universe is no conniving pagan god.

In the USA during the Clinton era we debated whether private morals impact a public official’s job performance. The seriousness of the issue can be measured by the deluge of political cartoons and TV skits. No one doubts that a deceptive spin on the truth hurts everyone.

Take a moment now to examine your own standard of holiness. Impurity is never inconsequential.


God of Truth, purge our characters of every fraud.