Holiness and Kneeling

Paul Hostetter

READ : Psalm 99:1-9

Do you kneel to pray? My parents taught me to kneel in prayer. Kneeling is a lesson in humility and holiness. The posture of the body symbolizes the proper attitude of heart. When we kneel we are saying, “Holy God, I submit to you. I honor you for your absolute fairness and justice. I acknowledge my deficits. Please forgive and accept me.”

Our democratic freedom has stripped away the time-honored tradition of bowing and kneeling before kings and queens. We are proud of our assertive individualism. Humility is a lost virtue. We are taught to fight and confront, not to give in. Does this cultural value affect our view of God? Probably more than we would like to admit.

Many devout Roman Catholic Christians go to Mass every morning and kneel in worship. Mother Theresa drew strength from daily Mass for her remarkable ministry to dying souls. Devout Hindus kneel at their household shrines each day. Muslims prostrate themselves before “Allah most great.”

And you, do you have a footstool for worship? Submit humbly to the God of Holiness and he will lift you up!


Holy Lord, I gladly acknowledge your holy person.