God's Holy Highway

Paul Hostetter

READ : Isaiah 35:3-10

Freeway commuters, dream with me for a moment of a highway without hazards: no road rage, no polluting exhaust, no person driving under the influence, no wild, careening speeders, no fatal or crippling crashes. Just imagine the serenity of a smooth, effortless, safe drive on a shimmering, clean roadway in the middle of May. Can life be like that?

Yes, it can! Seven hundred years before Jesus, Isaiah foresaw a future “Way of Holiness.” This magnificent road would be cleared by John the Baptist and all curves made straight. John paved the way for Jesus to take away the world’s sin. Jesus came as the great engineer of life. He cleared the hazards, smoothed out the bumps, healed broken bodies, comforted persons in grief, chased the storms away, purified the air and gave us a road map for life. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ can travel this sacred highway.

No one unfit to worship God will walk on that road . . . (nor) fools . . . only those the Lord has saved will travel there (vv. 8,9, cev).

Have you taken the turn onto God’s highway?


Lord of Life’s Way, be my driver today. Map the way before me. Protect me from reckless impulses and the dangers of the road of life. Thank you. Amen.