Does God Exclude Anyone?

Paul Hostetter

READ : Hebrews 12:7-14

In our city we have a new sports/entertainment arena. How do you think people would respond if the marquee announced, “FRIDAY, COME AND SEE GOD, FREE!”? Who would show up? Would you?

Because we have never seen God with our physical eyes, it has become too easy to live as though God doesn’t see us or care what we do. We may even feel more comfortable when we ignore God-for awhile, at least.

It is no wonder that we may freeze at the thought of seeing God. God is wrapped in light, robed in splendor. Heaven is pure and unsullied. God dwells in righteousness and truth. And us? We are anything but holy. There is too much darkness in us. We have chosen to stay in the shadows because we are intimidated by the brilliant presence of God. What can we do to change?

We need to invite God to correct us. Discipline hurts but the outcome is good. When we are clean we long to see God. We long to close the distance. We want to see his face, enjoy his affirming love, experience his purifying power.


Holy Lord, I urge you to make me holy even though I resist and squirm. Otherwise I cannot see you. Amen