Going Against the Grain of the Universe

Paul Hostetter

READ : Hebrews 12:10-13

The following statement by H.H. Farmer gets at the core truth about holiness: “If you go against the grain of the universe you get splinters.” Do we want splinters?

Years ago I ran a needle-sharp firewood splinter into my thumb. It broke off under the skin, and the staph infection that developed required surgery. Now the nerve at that spot is dead. If I had just worn gloves, I could have avoided the pain and loss.

What happens when we violate God’s scheme for our universe?

  • We tarnish the splendor of God’s people.

  • We shutter our eyes to divine majesty.

  • We lose out and grovel in our own stupidity.

  • We get splinters instead of heaven-sent joy.

So how can we reverse our relentless push against the grain of God? Here are three remedies:

  • Accept God’s discipline. It is always best.

  • Strive for a harvest of right and peace.

  • Walk in a straight path even when others don’t.

And have a splinter-less day, friend of God!


Lord, stir in me the desire to gaze on your glory and embrace your holy agenda for the world and myself.