Changing Debits Into Credits

Paul Hostetter

READ : Romans 4:4-8, 18-25

For 10 days I have been pressing you hard on the issue of holiness. Maybe you are feeling guilty and frustrated by now. Good! I want you to understand the marvelous balance between our responsibility and God’s gracious provision for our holiness and righteousness.

Theologians outline the subject like this:

  • Original human holiness was a given. God made us holy. We spoiled it by our unholy acts.

  • Jesus became our substitute. He fulfilled God’s moral law and lived an unspoiled life.

  • God now credits holiness to all who believe. Theologians call it “imputation of righteousness.”

  • The result is renewed holiness or sanctification, the process of becoming holy again in thought and action.

When we believe in Jesus Christ, our account with God is changed to read: “All debits removed. Full credit for holiness granted freely by Jesus Christ. The account cannot be changed.” Then the energizing process becomes a reality day after day as we become what God has freely given us.


Lord, Jesus, I accept the holy credit your cross gives me.