Upward Bound

Paul Hostetter

READ : Romans 6:1-14

Holiness is upward mobility. We move from frustrating failure to significant transformation when Jesus comes into our lives. He died to finish off the sin question. He rose from the dead to secure our success and move us toward holiness of life. The Holy Spirit came to live in our hearts and propel us toward goodness, kindness, peace, and love-God’s holy agenda for human happiness.

This is why we can be optimistic even though holiness may still seem like an unreachable achievement. God does more than wipe away our sin record. Through Christ he gives us resurrection power, the same irresistible, holy force that released the holy Jesus from death’s terrifying grip. God not only requires that we get on this holy track. He makes it possible.

Paul draws out the meaning of baptism in Romans 6 by using it as a powerful metaphor. Baptism is total immersion of the self with Christ, burial and rebirth! We are released into a stream of God’s holy-izing power. This is not stuffy religion but the best life. Do you see the double benefit?


Lord, I invite you to move me upward into holiness. Amen.