Holiness: A Fantastic Scheme of Do-ables

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24

The next stage in our month-long trek with holiness will explore Paul’s final instructions to the church in Thessalonica. These twelve verses outline a power-packed agenda for holiness in a practical, transforming and do-able framework.

If you think holiness is only for cloistered praying types, hidden in musty sacred monasteries from the corrupting snares of everyday life, think again. In verses 12-23 the rugged Apostle lays out 10 prescriptions for a renovated world. This is no program for sissies or wimps. Paul prescribes a gut-level, down-to-earth attack on all the pernicious attitudes that rip us apart. This is a holy agenda that strips away all phony religious pretense. Are you ready for it?

This is the “extremist” challenge for God to sanctify us through and through (v. 23). God is faithful and he will do it (v. 24). It is a simple but outrageous set of precepts that can revolutionize our lives. Don’t bail out now! Holiness was never intended solely for medieval monks.


Lord, I am not a holy fanatic but I invite you to lead me.