Overwhelm Leaders with Loving Appreciation

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13
Hebrews 13:17

Someone has said that the church shoots its own wounded. What a shameful accusation! Addressing the Thessalonians as brothers and sisters, Paul tells them to look at how much hard work their leaders do. Leaders have a heavy responsibility under the supervision of the Lord himself! Their work is to encourage others and give them good advice so that they may avoid the spiritual dangers that can hurt them. So smother leaders with love for being responsible!

Holiness must begin at home among the community of believers. But does it? I was at a meeting with a group of believers who gathered to plan a special ministry to Sudanese refugees. As we drafted a mission statement, the issue of unity came up. One leader blurted out in an agonized voice, “It will never happen. My church is always fighting and splitting over points of doctrine and practice. It’s hopeless.” I was alarmed and pained.

Lord, what is this? If we cannot show proper respect and humility in our relationships with fellow Christians, what do we have to offer others? Holiness means decency and mutual respect. The next time you are tempted to attack or criticize a church leader, resist it! This is Step #1 on the way forward.


Lord, help me invite counsel more than I love to give it!