Be Cheerful No Matter What

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:16
Psalm 33:1-5

Your reaction to that advice may be, “Hostetter, you’ve got to be kidding! Everyone needs to gripe from time to time.” But do we, really? What good does it do us to be negative? How many problems do we solve when we are sullen and down in the mouth?

I worked for five years with Dr. Robert Schuller as Minister of Mission and Evangelism. It was a great run for me and a great learning experience. One day Bob gave us one of his spontaneous lectures on “Possibility Thinking.” He asked us, “How do you respond when people say, ‘How are you today?’” We gave the usual American replies. Bob did not hesitate to fire back with conviction: “Faith-filled Christians don’t say, ‘Not bad, fair, good, OK, well, fine, excellent, super,’ but ‘FANTASTIC!’” He was absolutely serious- and I was stunned.

Later I realized that he is right. Being cheerful and positive is a choice. As Christians our well-being is not determined by circumstances. It is based on our faith in God who does the impossible for us.

Maybe you should crack your face and smile. It won’t hurt you. God is not out-to-lunch after all!


Lord, you are wonderful! Whatever happens to me today is fantastic even though I may not see it that way now. I will not let bad news smother my joy and hope.