You Can't Be Holy Without Prayer

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Psalm 116:1-4

Prayer isn’t just words. It is an attitude. Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. Prayer is being open to correction and a better way. It is the opposite of believing in fate that leaves no room for a loving, intervening God.

I grew up in a Mennonite community. My paternal grandfather left his tradition-bound Mennonite church because they were not interested enough in world mission. But my grandmother never changed her hair style. She wore a prayer cap over the little bun on the back of her head until she died in her 80s. I wish I had asked her why she kept those symbols of her early faith community. I think she would have said, “The cap reminds me that we must always pray. I thought it best to not exercise my freedom to be modern.” I know she prayed a lot. Her prayers probably drew me into the ministry, which I have never regretted.

Do you lack a sense of intimacy with God because you pray too little? There are many things you can’t change. But you can pray more if you want to. Why not?


Our Father in heaven, breathe your holy presence into my consciousness today and expand my faith in you. More things are ‘wrought by prayer than the world knows of.’ I admit my prayerlessness. Amen.