Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:18
Colossians 3:15-17

Bitterness and recrimination are the opposites of a thankful, grateful spirit. Everyone has moments of deep disappointment, legitimate feelings of resentment and regret. Neither rich nor poor escape. We can always find reasons to grumble.

When I was a boy, an African-American quintet from Toledo, Ohio sang during a series of special meetings in my church. These meetings were a great tonic for our somewhat dour members from very conservative, mostly German roots. Our generation had not yet been introduced to contemporary worship! The quintet sang one song called “The Grumblers.” At age 10 it got my attention. I still remember a few lines: “They grumble on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; they grumble the whole week through. . . .” My parents laughed at that song, and we sang the refrain around the house. It may not be great hymnody but it is an accurate portrait of too many Christians!

Take a moment or two today and count your many blessings. You will recall with thankfulness what the Lord has done for you. Giving thanks is God’s will for you.


Generous God, we live in a grasping, less-than-grateful world. I invite you to help me break that negative barrier. I thank you for the enormous good you do for me.