Research Holiness?

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21
Acts 17:10-12

My brother John is a great Christian and a sports fanatic. We often watch sporting events together on TV. John amazes me with his mind for statistics. He can analyze a game and recall past contests and sports stars all the way back into the 40s! John is not a shabby Christian. But he himself would admit that his grasp of the Bible does not match his penchant for sports data. That makes me sad. John would be a better Christian if he knew and understood more.

How do we become more holy? We learn from significant insights shared by other Christians. Paul tells us to learn from each other. Don’t put each other down but stir each other up. One reason why we are not as holy as we should be is that we are spiritually inert much of the time. The devil knows that. He laughs when we are absorbed by entertainment that eats up time we might spend reading the Bible.

When we buy new gadgets, we either follow the instructions or break the gadgets. How are we doing in our spiritual research efforts?


Lord, I’m not very smart spiritually. I’m not always open to learn, either. Make me teachable. Instruct me. Amen.