A Promise Kept

Paul Hostetter

READ : Luke 1:67-75

Zechariah was ecstatic at the birth of his son. His hymn rings with holiness: the words of holy prophets fulfilled, God’s holy covenant accomplished, believers enabled to “serve God without fear in holiness” throughout their lives. Zechariah’s son, John the Baptist, is the herald of the holy Son of God. We celebrate the birth of this holy child. Today is truly a holy day.

I am always amazed at the world-wide celebration of Christmas-public and private, songs and hymns, dramas and programs, gifts and decorations. Does the birth of a child merit such extravagance and unrestrained exuberance?

Yes! He is worthy. Jesus alone is the Holy One of God. John the Baptist, recognized by Jesus as greatest of the holy prophets, stated plainly, “He must increase; I must decrease.” Be sure to take time today to consider what God has done for us. Our grandest celebrations are a pale reflection of the splendor of what God has done for us. Rejoice! Be glad! Sing praises to God! He has delivered us from the unholy powers of this world. Worship the pure and sinless Son of God, Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Holy Lord God, we can be so frivolous and unaware of the majesty of this Holy Day. Accept our humble thanks.