The Baptism of the Spirit

Joseph Holbrook, Jr.

READ : Acts 2:37-42

Before his ascension Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for a few days until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5). And what a mighty experience it was when it happened. The believers suddenly began to praise God, using languages they had never used before. The reaction of the onlookers was divided. Some were amazed and perplexed. Others mocked and called them drunkards.

Peter rose to preach. He preached Jesus of Nazareth, crucified, risen. He also preached the baptism with the Holy Spirit, foretold by Joel the Prophet.

The words we read today recount the response to this kind of preaching. Three thousand respond, are baptized, and join the fellowship.

Would you like to see revival in the church today? God has promised that when his Word is preached it will not return unto him void, or empty. It will accomplish the purpose for which he sent it, through believers who are willing to lift up Jesus Christ, crucified, risen and coming again.


Thank you, Lord, for the story of Pentecost. Send a revival throughout the worldwide church that the onlooking world may see, turn to Jesus, and rejoice. In Jesus’ name. Amen.