Jesus Transforms Cultures

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 1:20-22
Matthew 4:17

I once heard this story from one of my professors in seminary:

A Western tourist visited one of the Pacific islands. One day as he was walking along the beach, he saw an elderly native man eagerly reading a book. He asked the man, “Sir, what are you reading?” The elderly man said, “I am reading the Bible.”

“The Bible!” said the tourist, “Why do you want to read that out-of-date book?”

The elderly man put down his Bible and said to him, “I tell you, young man, if this Bible had not changed the life of our people a hundred years ago, right now you would have become my lunch!”

As a member of the Asian-Pacific American community I do not find the story offensive. Instead, I say in acclamation, “Thank you, Lord, for sending us missionaries who taught us the good news that Jesus died for us and saved us from sin.” Not only does Jesus save us from sin, he also gives us power to live a new lifestyle. Let us begin our spiritual journey from this starting point.


Lord Jesus, please come into my life and lead me away from the bondage of sin.