Keys to a Delightful Life

David Hartono

READ : Psalm 1:1-6

One relic that has always caught my eye is of three monkeys each with a different expression. One monkey covers its eyes, another covers its mouth, while the third one covers its ears. One interpretation is that the monkeys avoid seeing, speaking, and hearing evil things.

Psalm 1 teaches us something very similar. The psalmist emphasizes that we should not walk in the way of the wicked, be in the presence of the wicked, nor participate in wicked decisions. Instead we ought to delight in God’s law.

So what does this mean in the context of daily living? Well, not only should God’s children abstain from evil, they should be active in doing good in God’s sight. Our words and deeds should influence the lives of others around us. We should be on guard lest we not conform to the ways of the world. If we do these things, our lives will be filled with victory and blessing. God wants to nurture our lives like an evergreen tree is nourished by the rivers of water.


Father, grant us the power to live a life that demonstrates we are your children.