Sing a New Song Unto the Lord

David Hartono

READ : Psalm 96:1-13

No one wants to have the reputation of falling into a rut. Such a person lacks new ideas and experiences. In our spiritual journey, we should experience God’s blessings anew on a daily basis.

Remember the Old Testament story when God supplied Israelites with manna? God instructed them to collect manna daily and to leave none of it for the next day. By this he intended to teach Israelites to trust him and experience him daily.

True singing is an expression of inner joy and peace. When we are happy we sing. Singing also soothes our hearts when we are sad.

“Singing a new song” is a way of expressing and appreciating God’s blessing daily. Surely you have at least one reason to be grateful to God. One good spiritual discipline to incorporate into our lives is to reflect on God’s goodness day by day. In this way we offer him a new song and our spiritual journey becomes more enjoyable.


Lord, open our eyes to see the wonderful things that you have done in our lives. Thus I will shout in joy: “Sing a new song unto the Lord, O my soul, and praise his holy name.”