Poor Me!

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 5:3
Philippians 4:10-13

The easiest way to climb the social ladder is by acquiring fame and fortune. But in the spiritual realm, being poor in spirit is viewed as the way to enter the richness of our relationship with God. The word poor signifies total dependence on God. Jesus was referring to the kind of extreme poverty where one needs extra resources just to live.

Being poor in the spiritual dimension means that we do not put ourselves as the centerpiece of our lives. Rather, we put God there. When we apply this principle we experience spiritual growth and God’s enormous blessings.

I feel spiritually blessed when I sing the song “Thy Word” with this “poor-in-spirit” attitude:

When I feel afraid, I think I lost my way,
but you’re there right besides me.
Nothing will I fear, as long as you are near,
please be near me to the end.

Being poor in spirit ushers us into the richness of God’s blessings.


Lord, I need you, for I am weak but you are strong. Please deliver me from all wrong and help me experience your presence in my life.