Hunger That Satisfies

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 5:6
Romans 12:9-11

When I was a small child, my father used to tell me, “Do not try to achieve success by using the ends to justify the means. Do your best to uphold your moral principles. Don’t let your moral conscience accuse you in your old age.” I took his advice seriously.

We need to reflect on Jesus’ teaching that righteousness is what we should long for. God declares us righteous because of Christ’s death for us. But the evidence of that righteousness is a desire for justice.

There are many saintly men and women who demonstrate their hunger and thirst for righteousness. They seek a life that is right with God, and they strive for social justice. I think especially of people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Theresa. Their lifelong spiritual journey was marked by their devotion to God, to social justice and to social service. Their spiritual journey was not easy, but it was meaningful and personally satisfying. We can model ourselves after their lives.


Father in heaven, as we receive the righteousness of Jesus Christ by faith, help us also to demonstrate it by seeking social justice and serving others.