Click on Harmony

David Hartono

READ : Psalm 133:1-3

Many years ago when we lived in an apartment complex, we could overhear our neighbors arguing. Sometimes the husband would yell at his wife, or they would shout at their child. When that happened, even we felt stressful and tense! Feuding creates disharmony, disunity and tension, but unity creates a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

One of the marks of spiritual growth is unselfishness. A selfish attitude creates disharmony because it always imposes its own way. Christian harmony is based on Christian unity. This unity is not solely based on mutual compromise but our union with Jesus Christ by faith.

Unity develops as our daily walk with Christ becomes deeper and Christ is demonstrated in our lives. As he becomes the center of our lives, we are enveloped by his love, compassion, mercy, grace and civility. As a result people surrounding us will exclaim: “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for people to dwell together in unity!” Let us make our spiritual journey a beacon for harmony.


Lord Jesus, we want to put you in the center of our lives, so that harmony and unity will prevail, and people surrounding us will be touched by your peace.