Prayer – Contemplative and Conversational

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 6:5-15

Ever since we migrated to this great country thirteen years ago, my wife and I have always looked forward to Thursday. We set aside Thursday afternoons to take our two children to their favorite restaurant, McDonalds. While we eat our meal, we engage in pleasant conversation. They tell us their story, and we tell them our story. Prayer is like our conversations.

There are many types of prayers. I enjoy contemplative prayer, especially when I am surrounded by a tranquil ocean view. However, I also exercise contemplative prayer in more mundane circumstances like yard work or lawn mowing. My mind becomes focused on God, his blessings, his love, his faithfulness ? Oh, how wonderful is my God!

When times get rough in my life I exercise another kind of prayer- an inner conversational prayer. I pour out my heart to God. I tell him I need his help, his comfort, and his strength. I am just like a small child who cries and runs to his father after being attacked by a bully. Conversational prayer also reminds me of when I dated my wife. We talked and talked, never growing bored, always enjoying each other.


Come Holy Spirit. We invite you to come into our lives in public and private. Teach us how to pray.