Impartial, Inclusive Mission

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 28:19-20

According to the Great Commission, the goal of our witness to the world is to make disciples of all nations. The word disciple has a much more profound meaning than the word pupil because it involves personal attachment and commitment to one’s teacher.

As Christians we are Jesus’ disciples. We are attached and committed to him. He is not just a religious leader. He is our Savior and Lord. Our relationship with him is not merely an acceptance of his teaching, but acceptance of his lordship, his rule over our lives.

For this reason we should make him known to all people as well. Indeed, he has given us the commission to make disciples of all nations. We should carry it out with gladness.

The nature and scope of this commission reflects the impartiality of God. In God’s eyes there is no distinction between men and women, rich and poor, literate and illiterate, or people of different colors. The lives of us all are under his rule and governed by his teaching. In doing this task we are not alone because he promised to be with us.


Lord Jesus, give us hearts that are full of joy as we make disciples of all nations.