Sow in Tears, Reap With Joy

David Hartono

READ : Psalm 126:1-6

We have often heard the saying “no pain, no gain” with regard to exercising. It also applies to the realm of spiritual ministries. Unlike our personal endeavors, there is a guarantee of success in spiritual ministry.

Some may disagree with this observation and give examples of “failed” ministries. I once read about a missionary who was working in an Islamic nation. After several decades of hard work he experienced only minimal results. Was it a success or failure from a spiritual perspective? The answer is very clear-it can still be counted as a success. Any ministry faithfully done and supported by prayer and planning will be blessed by God.

That is the beauty of the verses we just read: “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” There are many challenges in our ministry to the world. Sometimes we may become discouraged and think about giving up. Friends, don’t be discouraged! God’s words provide us with a joyful assurance that those who are faithful in his work will reap in joy. After all, it is his work, not ours.


O Lord, thank you for your words of encouragement at a time when we really need them.