High Profile or Low?

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 5:13-14

We constantly compare ourselves with other people. As a result we often lose the self-esteem God has given us. This affects our witness to the world.

I think ministerial styles can be divided into two categories: high profile and low profile. Many among us are good public speakers, charismatic leaders or talented musicians. People in this category have high profiles. They are like lights that everyone can see. In our witness to the world we need these people. We praise God for them.

But we also know of people who carry out their ministries behind the scenes. There are many volunteers whose unnoticed ministries are also indispensable in our witness to the world. They have low profiles. However, the impact of their ministry is just as powerful as that of high profile people. They are like salt, which is hidden in food but brings joy to the taste buds.

Let us be thankful to God whether he assigns us to be the light or the salt of the world.


Lord, we thank you for whatever role of witness you have assigned to us. Help us to be faithful to you.